Describe your work style.


My workplace style is adaptive. In generally I try to keep to a fast paced process focused schedule in order to complete one project and move onto another. Yet I try to be efficient and I am a bit of a perfectionist so if the project requires me to slow down in order ensure that the final project is error free I will do so at a moments notice. I work well on my own but I am happy to work within a team and I take my role in any project seriously so I am always dedicated and driven.

Edwyn Jack On 28.06.2016. 20:10

I'm always on top of my projects. Due to my organizational skills and efficiency, I am able to juggle multiple projects at once with success. While I complete most of my work independently, I greatly value input and will consult with team members to ensure we're all on the same track. I also appreciate checking in regularly with my boss to update her on my progress and ask about any issues that have arisen. This open communication helps me complete tasks efficiently and accurately.

Poonam mirza On 02.05.2015. 14:21

​I am extremely dependable. I have rarely missed a day of work, and am known for coming in early and staying late to finish important tasks and achieve results. This dependability extends to my collaborative work as well. I always meet deadlines, and help my team-mates to meet theirs as well. For example, on my last project, a team-mates was struggling to complete his assignment for the team, and I stayed late every day that week to help him not only complete his assignment, but exceed our initial estimations for the project.

Tanmay kumar On 02.05.2015. 14:21

My work style is extremely flexible – working on so many different projects requires me to be adaptive. In general, I try to work on one project at a time, working as quickly but efficiently as possible to achieve the highest results. All of my projects require collaboration, so I use the team environment to check for errors. I am a perfectionist and a driven worker, and I think my clear communication skills allow me to bring out the best in any team, in any project.

K Jaga On 02.05.2015. 14:20

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