How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?


We are not reporting to 'elder or older ' we report to the post so we should not fell bad. If any one has ability, talent, sincerity they get post or designation.

ravi jha On 30.04.2015. 15:29

For me my work is more important, I don't bother to whom I'm reporting to, whether he/she is younger or older than me. To me everybody are the employees so it will not effect my work.

Vicky On 30.04.2015. 15:29

From my side, My work is very important. I am not reporting to any person (who is elder/younger) but I am reporting to that designation.

Neeraj On 30.04.2015. 15:29

I will feel normal to report a younger boss. I have nothing to do with his/her age.

Knowledge is the only thing which matters to me.

Sapna On 30.04.2015. 15:28

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