Tell me honestly about the strong points and weak points of your boss, company, management team, etc


Sir once I get this job I will be one of the empoyee to this organization.

So its my responsibility to save the information regarding our company, boss, employees etc. If I tell this information I am not an honesty person.

So how can I answer this question. Sorry sir.

Renu On 30.04.2015. 15:07

My boss is so confident and knowledgeable too, his command over the subject is excellent.

As per weakness is concern I did not find any weaknesses on him and I think finding out others weakness itself a big weakness.

Chandra On 30.04.2015. 15:07

Sir, everyone holds their good and bad points and that makes them human. Talking about good sides, my boss holds qualities like hardworking, open minded and eager to learn, and he helped me to learn many things. He shared his vast experience with us. Sir, I would not be the right person to judge the negative sides of my boss as I have never been to his shoes.

Nirmal On 30.04.2015. 15:07

There are many strong points and it is difficult to choose a few but I have learnt time management, discipline from my boss. "A coin has both sides" in the same way everyone has weak points also but I can not say weak points because I feel I'm not the right person to reveal.

Janardhan On 30.04.2015. 15:06

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