What do people most often criticize about you?


I am very particular about the stipulated rules even for late arrival,late submission of reports, any faults or errors in stores.

Golu On 02.05.2015. 15:12

They tell me that I am very much straight forward which hurts the people a lot at that time.

Raaz On 02.05.2015. 15:12

My friends always say I like unsocial extra activities like reading, wrting and watching news because I do not have fun of clubbing and staying out a long time at night.

Ajeet On 02.05.2015. 15:12

One of the things that I'm working on is patience, most of the times I want things to be solved effectively and promptly, but I have learnt that some times it is not in my hands and that it will take longer than I expect.

Mohan On 02.05.2015. 15:11

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