What strategies would you use to motivate your team?


Appreciation is the biggest weapon to encourage your employees or team. What they are doing or achieving just appreciate it and make a personal interact with each employees. They will feel his importance in your team or company this will motivate them to work hard.

Junaid Khan On 17.05.2016. 23:49

…On motivating others in sales:
"As you can see from my resume, I have sold fundraising software in the past. My approach to motivating customers was to spend time uncovering the problems and challenges which confronted the development staff. Then I would pitch features of my product that would help them to meet those challenges. For example, I met with one museum development officer and found that they had no systematic way to identify particular donors based on their artistic interests. Staff relied on handwritten notes or memory. I showed her how our prospect files could be coded by different types of art and lists of past and potential donors could be generated. She decided to purchase a lease once she saw how the system could help her staff to focus their fundraising efforts on prospects with an interest in upcoming exhibits."

Raj On 02.05.2015. 14:45

…On motivating others by recognizing their achievements:"I believe that recognizing positive aspects of employee performance is critical to motivating most workers. I manage a staff of five employees, and I noticed that one of the workers was somewhat introverted and tended to stay in the background. He performed adequately but was reluctant to contribute at meetings, and I thought he could be more productive if optimally motivated. I started a daily ritual of checking in with him and monitoring his output. I provided positive feedback regarding his daily achievements. I discovered that the quality and quantity of his output increased as I interacted with him more frequently. I was able to call upon him at meetings since I understood the details of his work better and ask him to share some of his successful strategies with colleagues."

Suman On 02.05.2015. 14:44

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