What will you miss most about your last job?


What I most appreciated about my last job was the dedication to internal growth. They offered options for continuing education that helped improve my abilities to function within the company. It is one of the things that attracted me to this job since your company also offers training to internal candidates in order to help them take on increased responsibilities.

David On 01.07.2016. 19:08

I will miss my manager. He was my manager in office but whenever we meet outside they always share his life experience with me and always motivates me and he was very user friendly. I learnt so many things from my last manager. He was a good manager and a good human being.

Rohit Pandya On 04.06.2016. 01:00

We hold an annual fundraiser for major donors. Two years ago, I surveyed participants afterwards and noticed that individuals who had the opportunity to interact with key researchers provided more favourable reviews of the event and made larger contributions. The following year, I contacted donors in advance of the fundraiser to assess their greatest interests in our research and recruited relevant researchers to network with them as part of the event. Feedback after last year's event was more uniformly favourable and donations were up by fifteen percent.

Jayati On 02.05.2015. 14:55

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