Describe your ideal boss.


As per my opinion my best boss is one who is able to recognize the strengths of his employees and to utilize them to their fullest extent. He taught me to look at people more individually and understand that almost everyone has something positive to offer and provide a appropriate work environment to employees.

Girish Majumdar On 15.05.2016. 15:40

An ideal boss should have the following qualities:

1. Leadership by Example
2. Goal Setting
3. Effective Communication
4. Team Building
5. Transparency
6. Value in All Employees
7. Industry Knowledge
8. Empathy for Employees
9. Respect
10. Compassion and Sensitivity

Himesh On 01.05.2015. 15:23

Treat people at all levels with courtesy and respect

Clearly communicate responsibilities, boundaries, and expectations

Value the input and ideas of others and give them the credit

Remove roadblocks that prevent you from doing your job

Allow you the freedom to do your job with minimal supervision

Be available when you need them

Respect your privacy

R Jaga On 01.05.2015. 15:19

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