How do you handle stress and pressure?


Stress and pressure are part of the job, and can be solved through the proper planning, hard work, innovation and concentration.

vipul On 01.05.2015. 13:44

I am doing the things the best I can, and if I cannot handle it, I will ask help from my supervisor.

Pooja On 01.05.2015. 13:43

Stress is an attitude, 10% is what is given to. the other 90% is reflection of the situation or how you handle it.

Mukul On 01.05.2015. 13:42

I just take a deep breath. Take a moment to pray for a minute to ask wisdom from the Lord. Then stay focused, calm and think of a solution. And stay positive that everything will be ok because I know that God will never leave me.

kunal On 01.05.2015. 13:41

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