If you know your boss is 100% wrong about something how would you handle it?


“My current boss is very uptight and likes to always be right. If he asks me to do something and I know his way of carrying the task out will fail I will try and advise him of it, but he will usually demand I do it his way. So I obey his orders, and he does usually understand when it goes wrong that it is because of his instruction. He learns that the procedure he asked me to follow does not work, and I am not open to complaint of insubordination.”

Kulkarni On 01.05.2015. 15:16

It depends on the situation and the personality of the supervisor.If i know my boss is 100% wrong about something, never tell him he's wrong.
Whatever he tells me to do, I smile and say "okay." Then if I know a way to get it done that will work, I do it that way, give him the results he wants and never tell him I didn't do it the way he told me to.
He got the results and is happy.
I saved myself the stress of being yelled at and gave him what he wanted

Dishu On 01.05.2015. 15:15

I always believe that there should always have an open communicaiton between you and your manager.
If he is 100% wrong and it affects your work to perform well, you can inform him on what is wrong.
But saying that he is wrong should always be back up by facts.
Discuss with him what are the pros and cons of his action and your suggestion.
You have done your part and it is up to him/her if he is open minded.
If it personal and not work related, better not to talk to him because at the end of the day he is still your manager.

Chandrabhan On 01.05.2015. 15:14

If I were sure my boss was wrong about something I would talk to them about it and discuss my thoughts, after all, my boss is human, and may not realise they have made an error. I would explain why I thought they were wrong, and what I thought was wrong. If we reached a deadlock I would suggest conferring with other colleagues about the issue. My present boss is very good at listening when I feel he is wrong about something, and if it comes to division we always resolve it by asking the rest of the team and the majority vote goes. We learn by the results who was right.”

sid On 01.05.2015. 15:13

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