If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?


Money may comes and go tomorrow. But knowledge is not like that. I wanna gain from this company so I'm continuing my job.

prem On 29.04.2015. 15:02

Yes I will continue job, because with the help of this job I will convert 10 million to 100 million.

Ajinkya patil On 29.04.2015. 15:02

I will not quite the job, because job is just not a source for earning money but only earning respect and your own identity.

If I really got $10 million, I will surely can change my position from being just an ordinary employee to a shareholder of your company.

amrutha On 29.04.2015. 15:01

Well, I like to depend on my skill not my luck. Because everyday is not a lucky day. If I won money, there is also chance to loose. But my skills never let me down.

jigar pandey On 29.04.2015. 15:01

Obviously, why because of I am not dependent on my luck I am dependent on my talent, skills. If I got $10 million lottery it is not satisfied with me when I got money with my hard work then I am satisfied.

Rajesh On 29.04.2015. 15:00

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