What motivates you to do good job?


My parents happiness motivates me a lot. They want to see myself in respectable position in the society. And I want to be self dependent.

mahendra On 29.04.2015. 14:09

Self motivation is my strength. So I motivate myself to do a good job. A good job will give us good knowledge and great experience that will really help us in achieving our goals of life.

Isha On 29.04.2015. 14:09

As I am a self motivated person always I tried to motivate myself. Some times I motivated from my success and sometimes from failure. The another reason of my motivation is my parents, I always want to see them happy and this motivate me to do my best.

pradip roy On 29.04.2015. 14:08

My motivation is my parents. I always want to see them happy and this motivates me to do good job. If my parents smile because of me that's my best day and I can do best of the best.

siva On 29.04.2015. 14:08

Motivation and Success are a cyclic process. Every little success motivates me and every little motivations leads to great success. A better today makes a brighter tomorrow.

smita On 29.04.2015. 14:07

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