Why do you want to work at our company?


As a fresher I need a platform to showcase my knowledge and enhance my skills and I have heard that your company encourages freshers. Apart from this the reason that I have just realized if I work in your company I will get a chance to work under the mentors like you.

Sameer On 27.04.2015. 15:17

Sir, I don't think that any one will deny this opportunity. I think this is the right platform where I can share my knowledge and enhance my skills.

Narayan On 27.04.2015. 15:16

Because your company will be a stepping stone to my career.

anu On 27.04.2015. 15:15

Dear Sir/Madam.

Working in your company will be a great opportunity for the Freshers or unskilled person like me, who are waiting to show their ability and work for the best for the organisation at any cost for the service given. My priority will be my Family, my work and my company. I will do my best to improve my skills to give better output.

Aditya On 27.04.2015. 15:05

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