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Which words in a WORD document can be displayed in colour?
(a)Only the title
(b)All words, but a colour printer is essential
(c)All words
(d)Only the header and footer
Answer is: C


A (an) ......... converts and executes one statement at a time
Answer is: D


Which toolbar displays the buttons for alignment and font size in Word?
(a)Formatting toolbar
(b)Standard toolbar
(c)Drawing toolbar
(d)Graphics toolbar
Answer is: B


RAM is an example of which of the following?
(a)Non-volatile memory
(b)Cache memory
(c)Volatile memory
(d)Virtual memory
Answer is: C


Which of the following is not a term pertaining to spreadsheets?
Answer is: C


The operation of combining two cells into single cell in Excel is referred as
(a)Join Cells
(b)Merge Cells
(c)Merge Table
(d)Join Table
Answer is: B


Which of the following can be used to store a large number of files in a small amount of storage space?
(a)file compression
(b)file copying
(c)file reading
(d)file compatibility
Answer is: A


Data is organized in a worksheet as
(a)charts and diagrams
(b)Rows and columns
(c)tables and boxes
Answer is: B


Spell Check will find errors in which of the following?
(a)Today is a rainy day
(b)Today is a rainy a day
(c)Is a rainy
(d)None of these
Answer is: D


If an Excel Worksheet is to be linked for use in a Power Point Presentation, the following should be clicked
(a)Edit, Paste Special
(b)Edit, Paste
(c)Edit, Copy
(d)None of these
Answer is: D


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