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Ram and Shyam start walking towards North and cover 20 m. Ram turns to his left and Shyam to his right. After sometime, Ram walks 10 m in the same direction in which he turned. On the other hand, Shyam walks only 7 m. Later, Ram turns towards his left and Shyam to his right. Both walk 25 m forward. How far is Ram from Shyam now?
(a)10 m
(b)20 m
(c)15 m
(d)17 m
Answer is: DData is arranged as

So, Distance between Ram and Shyam = (10 + 7) = 17m


After starting from a point, A walks 3 km towards East, that turning to his left he and moves 3 km. After this he again turns left and moves 3 km. In which direction is ‘A’ from his stating point?
Answer is: A
Thus, A is in North direction from his starting point.


Rajnikant left his home for office in car. He drove 15 km straight towards North and then turned eastwards and covered 8 km. He then turned to left and covered 1 km. He again turned left and drove for 20 km and reached office. How far and in what direction is his office from the home?
(a)21 km West
(b)15 km North - East
(c)20 km North - West
(d)26 km North - West
Answer is: C
In triangle AFE,
AE = √(AF2 + EF2)
AE = √[(AB + BF)2 + (ED - FD)2]
AE = √(162 + 122) = √(256+144) = √400 = 20 km
So, his office is 20 km North - West


Ram goes 15 m North, then turns right and walks 20 m, then again turns right and walks 10 m, then again turns right and walks 20 m. How far is he from his original position?
(a)5 m
(b)10 m
(c)15 m
(d)20 m
Answer is: A
Thus, Ram is at a distance of 5 m from his starting point.


Ram and Ravi start walking in opposite directions. Ram covers 6 km and Ravi 8 km. Then, Ram turns right and walks 8 km and Ravi turns left and walks 6 km. How far everyone in from their starting point?
(a)11 km
(b)8 km
(c)9 km
(d)10 km
Answer is: D
From above figure, we can see that both are standing equal distance from starting point.
So, required distance = √(82 + 62)
= √(64 + 36) = √100 = 10 km
Hence, everyone is 10 km far from their starting point.


Pooja starting from a fixed point goes 15 m towards North and then after turning to his right, he goes 15 m. Then, he goes 10, 15 and 15 after turning to his left each time. How far is he from his starting point?
(a)15 m
(b)5 m
(c)10 m
(d)20 m
Answer is: C
From figure, A is the starting point and F is the ending point of Pooja.
So, AE = AB + BE
AE = 15 + 10 = 25 m
Now, AF = AE – EF = 25 – 15 = 10 m
Hence, Pooja is 10 m far from his starting point.


Alok walked 30 m towards East and took a right turn and walked 40 m. He again took a right turn and walked 50 m. towards which direction is he from his starting point?
(c)South - West
(d)South - East
Answer is: CThe movement of Alok is shown below

From figure, it is clear that he is in South-West direction from his starting point


A postman was returning to the post office which was in front of him to the North. When the post office was 100 m away from him, he turned to the left and moved 50 m to deliver the last letter at Shanti Villa. He, then moved in the same direction for 40 m, turned to his right and moved 100 m. How many meters was he away from the post office?
(a)50 m
(b)100 m
(c)90 m
(d)120 m
Answer is: C
It is clear from above figure that Postman was 90 m away from post office.


Rohit walked 25 m towards South. Then, he turned to his left and walked 20 m. He then turned to his left and walked 25 m. He again turned to his right and walked 15 m. At what distance is he from the starting point and in which direction?
(a)35 m, East
(b)35 m, North
(c)40 m, East
(d)60 m, East
Answer is: AThe movements of Rohit are shown in figure below

So, Rohit’s distance from starting point,
AE = AD + DE
AE = BC + DE = 20 + 15 = 35 m East.


The door of Aditya's house faces the East. From the back side of his house, he walks straight 50 m, then turns to the right and walks 50 m, then turns to right and walks 50 m again. Finally, he turns towards left towards left and stop after walking 25 m. Now, Aditya is in which direction from the starting point?
(a)South - East
(b)North - East
(c)South - West
(d)North - West
Answer is: DSince, Aditya’s house face towards East and he walks from backside of his house. It means that he starts walking towards West which is shown as below

Clearly, Aditya's final position is D which is to the North-West of the starting point A.


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