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If WHITE is called BLUE, BLUE is called RED, RED is called YELLOW, YELLOW is called GREEN, GREEN is called BLACK, BLACK is called VIOLET, then what would be the colour of human blood?
Answer is: AWe know that, the colour of the human blood is RED and given that RED is called YELLOW. So, the colour of human blood will be YELLOW.


If PARROT is known as PEACOCK, PEACOCK is known as SWALLOW, SWALLOW is known as PIGEON and PIGEON is known as SPARROW, then what would be the name indian National Bird?
Answer is: BWe know that, PEACOCK is the indian National bird but here PEACOCK is known as SWALLOW. So, the answer is SWALLOW.


In certain code, SOBER is written as RNADQ. How LOTUS can be written in that code?
Answer is: AS – 1 = R
O – 1 = N
B – 1 = A
E – 1 = D
R – 1 = Q
L – 1 = K
O – 1 = N
T – 1 = S
U – 1 = T
S – 1 = R


If CAT = 12, then MAN = ?
Answer is: AAs, C + A + T = (3 + 1 + 20)/2 = 24/2 = 12
Similarly, M + A + N = (13 + 1 + 14)/2 = 28/2 = 14


In a certain language , 'sun shines brightly' is written as 'ba lo sul', 'houses are brightly lit' as 'kado ula ari ba' and 'light comes from sun' as 'dopi kup lo mo'. What are the codewords for 'sun' and 'brightly'respectivily?
(a)ba, sul
(b)sul, lo
(c)lo, ba
(d)ba, lo
Answer is: CSun shines brightly = ba lo sul……………(1)
Houses are brightly lit = kado ula ari ba……………(2)
Light comes from sun = dopi kup lo mo……………(3)
From equation (1) and (2),
Brightly = ba
From equation (1) and (3),
Sun = lo
Hence, sun = lo and brightly ba


In certain code language, 'po ki top ma' means 'Usha is playing cards', 'kop j ki ma' means 'Asha is playing tennis', 'ki top sop ho' means 'they are playing football' and 'po sur kop' means 'cards and tennis'. Which word in that language means 'Asha'?
Answer is: APo ki top ma = Usha is playing cards
Kop ja ki ma = Asha playing tennis
Ki top sop ho = they are playing football
Po sur kop = cards and tennis
So, Asha = ja


In a certain language, 'me lo po' means 'anu weds Vinay' and 'pe to lo' means Vinay comes here', which word in that language means 'come'?
(a)pe or po
(b)to or me
(c)pe or to
(d)pe or me
Answer is: CMe lo po = anu weds vinay………(1)
Pe to lo = vinay comes here ……..(2)
From equation (1) and (2),
Lo = vinay
Hence, come is either as 'pe or to'


In certain code language, '123' means 'bright little boy', '145' means 'tall big boy' and '637' means 'beautiful little flower'. Which digit in that language means 'bright'?
Answer is: B1 2 3 = bright little boy……(1)
1 4 5 = tall big boy ………(2)
6 3 7 = beautiful little flower ……(3)
From equation (1) and (2),
1 = boy
From equation (1) and (3),
3 = little
Hence, 2 = bright.


In certain code, '975' means 'throw away garbage', '528' means 'give away smoking' and '213' means 'smoking is harmful'. Which digit in that code means 'smoking'?
Answer is: C9 7 5 = throw away garbage ……….(1)
5 2 8 = give away smoking………….(2)
2 1 3 = smoking is harmful………(3)
From equation (2) and (3),
Smoking = 2


If 'Lily' is called 'Lotus', 'Lotus' is called 'Rose', Rose is called 'Sunflower' and 'Sunflower' is called 'Marigold', then which will be the national flower of India?
Answer is: CWe know that, national flower of India is LOTUS and here LOTUS is called ROSE.


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