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Section - 2
Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any will be one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is No Error the answer is (5). (ignore errors of punctuation if any).


Ritu was a model and so she would starve herself to maintain his body weight.
(a)Ritu was a model
(b)and so she would
(c)starve herself to maintain
(d)his body weight
Answer is: D


He contributed a lot of time and money by building a hospital in his village.
(a)He contributed a lot
(b)of time and money
(c)by building a hospital
(d)in his village
Answer is: C


All our Zonal Office have received instructions to process loan applications within thirty days.
(a)All our Zonal Office
(b)have received instructions
(c)to process loan applications
(d)within thirty days
Answer is: A


Nowadays students are getting much help from internet of doing their homework.
(b)students are getting
(c)much help from internet
(d)of doing their homework
Answer is: D


We are already written to the IT Department last week seeking permission to set up our own website.
(a)We are already
(b)written to the IT Department
(c)last week seeking permission
(d)to set up our own website
Answer is: A


In order to transfer branch licenses for one bank to another you require special approval from RBI.
(a)In order to transfer
(b)branch licenses for one
(c)bank to another you
(d)require special approval from RBI
Answer is: B


After a fire destroyed the land records of many villages, the government has started maintaining scanned copies of land records.
(a)After a fire destroyed the land records
(b)of many villages, the government
(c)has started maintaining
(d)scanned copies of land records
Answer is: C


This year the number of counterfeit bank notes detected in bank branches was highly, thanks to efficient clerical staff.
(a)This year the number of
(b)counterfeit bank notes detected
(c)in bank branches was
(d)highly, thanks to efficient clerical staff
Answer is: D


India has the third larger number of internet users in the world today.
(a)India has the
(b)third larger number
(c)of internet users
(d)in the world today
Answer is: B


To be effective it is very important for employees to know how various departments in organisation functions.
(a)To be effective it is
(b)very important for employees
(c)to know how various departments
(d)in organisation functions
Answer is: D


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