English Phrases And IdiomsPage 1

Section - 1
Direction: Choose the correct answer for the given Phrases/Idioms.


A man of straw
(a)A man socially boycotted
(b)A man who has lost his job
(c)An unimportant person
(d)An illiterate person
Answer is: C


A bone of contention
(a)A cause of quarrel
(b)A cause of disappointment
(c)A disputed property
(d)An unnecessary dispute
Answer is: A


A paper tiger
(a)A tiger made weak by old age
(b)A tiger made of paper
(c)An impotent threat
(d)A light joke
Answer is: C


An acid test
(a)A test carried on in the laboratory
(b)An irritation
(c)A decisive and critical test
(d)None of these
Answer is: C


At cross purposes
(a)Having a dispute on some issue
(b)Having a selfish motive
(c)Having many things to do
(d)Having different ends in view
Answer is: D


A broken reed
(a)A person who has become unreliable
(b)A person having ill-health
(c)A person frustrated in love
(d)A person deceived by his friends
Answer is: A


To beat black and blue
(a)To gossip
(b)To punish severely
(c)To make tall claims
(d)To write something
Answer is: B


A bloc-head
(a)An impertinent fellow
(b)A stupid fellow
(c)An abusive fellow
(d)A miser
Answer is: B


To beggar description
(a)To beg for description
(b)To beg for a favour
(c)To leave a poor impression
(d)To be beyond description
Answer is: D


Back stair influence
(a)Underhand influence
(b)Practically no influence
(c)A deep influence
(d)None of these
Answer is: A


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